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Are they the best (immersion-wise) characters ever?

Sometimes two people can agree on what they think is important in a game, and yet disagree on whether and to what extent that thing exists in a particular game. Take immersion for example. You and I both agree it is a critical element of a good cRPG. And you believe BG3 has planty of immersion.

2022.01.25 05:19 MadVladvonCarstein Are they the best (immersion-wise) characters ever?

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2022.01.25 05:19 Playful_Ad_1927 [how to solve this problem]Android 12 will automatically close the process in terms

Android 12 automatically closes the process.
I use termux to run the program. After running for a period of time, Android 12 will automatically close the process.
how to solve this problem
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2022.01.25 05:19 mong_zhang U.S. stocks staged a "stunning reversal"! The Dow plunged a thousand points after rebounding to close higher, the market stabilized?

On January 24, U.S. stocks opened with heavy losses, the S&P and the Nasdaq fell nearly 4% and 5% respectively during the day, but the three major indices turned up at the end of the day, and eventually closed up collectively. During the period, the VIX panic index soared, once up more than 20%.
Three major indices "amazing reversal
The three major U.S. stock indexes opened collectively lower on Monday, at the beginning of the lunch session when the new daily low, the Dow fell more than 1,110 points, down more than 3.2%, the S&P 500 fell nearly 4%, the Nasdaq fell nearly 4.9%, after gradually narrowing the decline. Small-cap index Russell 2000 had fallen more than 2.8% in early trading, compared with the closing record high of November 8 last year, back down 20%, fell into the technical level of the bear market, but turned up in the afternoon session. The three major indices also turned up in late trading.
As of the close, the S&P 500 rose 0.28% to 4410.13 points; Nasdaq composite index rose 0.63% to 13855.10 points, recording the strongest intra-day rally ever, the last time the index fell 4% after closing up or in 2008 during the financial crisis; Dow Jones closed up 0.29% to 34,364.50 points, once fell during the day 3.25%, the strongest intra-day rally since March 2020.
Technology stocks, particularly cryptocurrency concepts, were the hardest hit in Monday's sell-off in U.S. stocks during the plunge, but a closer look reveals the pain is spreading to more cyclical sectors. The S&P 500 is poised to move into a technical pullback, with 90% of stocks sinking, something that hasn't happened since Nov. 30 (at the close). However, at least three-quarters of the index's components have been lower each day for the past five days.
While Tesla, Netflix and other FANG-related stocks led the declines, the cyclical sectors of financials, energy and materials stocks accounted for three of the top four biggest decliners. The bank stock index may have recorded its longest losing streak in a year.
Analysts said investors bought big on battered technology stocks at low prices, causing a dramatic 'shock reversal' in the market.
Marko Kolanovic, chief equity strategist at JPMorgan Chase, said in a report Monday that the sell-off in stocks was overblown and that "the recent pullback in risk assets seems excessive, technical indicators are near oversold territory and we may be in the final stages of this correction," Kolanovic wrote.
"While the market seems to be having trouble absorbing the volatility caused by rising interest rates, we expect earnings season to be reassuring. Even in the worst case scenario, we may see the return of 'Fed puts'."
U.S. business media CNBC commented that U.S. stock selling may have peaked, with the Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index (VIX), known on Wall Street as the market's "fear indicator," touching its highest level since November 2020 during the day, and that "once the fear indicator reaches that peak, the market has a tendency to rally.
The turmoil in U.S. stocks has alarmed the White House. U.S. White House economic adviser Deese said the administration is closely monitoring the stock market. White House press secretary Jane Psaki said Biden would not judge the economy by the stock market.
Three major factors sparked market concerns
Industry analysts pointed out that U.S. stocks once plunged for three main reasons.
First, the recent geopolitical situation has raised concerns. The escalation of tensions between Russia and Ukraine has not only hit the Russian financial markets hard, but also the Western world, especially the European markets adjacent to Russia have not been spared.
On Monday, Russian stocks, bonds and currencies plunged, the stock market hit a new low since the end of 2020, the dollar-denominated Russian Trading System cash index RTS once fell more than 10% during the day, closing down 8.11%, the Moscow Exchange (MOEX) index closed down 5.90%. The dollar rose more than 2% against the Russian ruble at one point to 79.3451, the highest level since November 2020.
Major European stock indexes continued to fall across the board on Monday, with the Euro Stoxx 600 closing down 3.81%, its biggest closing loss since June 11, 2020, at 456.36 points, a new closing low since Oct. 12 last year. Italian stock index fell about 4%, France and Germany stock index fell nearly 4%, and fell more than 3% of the Spanish stock index are down two days in a row, down more than 2% of the British stocks fell for three days.
Second, the Federal Reserve will tighten monetary policy, the market is concerned that the European Central Bank will follow.
Despite the decline in global risk assets and increased geopolitical risks, interest rate markets remain firm in anticipation that the Federal Reserve will raise interest rate levels. Historically, sharp declines in U.S. stocks and other risk assets have caused policymakers to temporarily stop, but this time, even in the current technology stocks led the stock market plunge, the bet on interest rate hikes this year remains unshaken. The swap market shows that the Fed is expected to raise rates by 25 basis points in March, and the market expects to be close to a full percentage point hike for all of 2022 . Investor concerns about the magnitude of the Fed's monetary policy tightening are fueling stock market declines.
Third, the progress of the new crown epidemic brings uncertainty to the European economic recovery, hitting investor sentiment.
State Street Global Markets senior macro strategist MarvinLoh pointed out that the emergence of Omicron and the hawkish stance of the Federal Reserve triggered significant volatility in major stock indices in Europe and the United States. European region due to the re-imposition of travel and liquidity restrictions in many EU countries, resulting in investor confidence in the region being very fragile in the near term.
The pain is not over yet? Many short strategists continue to short U.S. stocks
Short strategists at Mizuho International and Bank of America have warned that a new round of market declines will accompany weakening economic growth momentum as the Federal Reserve is about to raise interest rates.
"Waiting for the market to adjust to the reality of the Fed's withdrawal of easing, slowing earnings and sharply reduced federal stimulus could open up more downside in the coming months," said Ed Clissold, chief U.S. strategist at Ned Davis Research. He predicted a double-digit decline in U.S. stocks late last year and now forecasts a 20 percent retreat from the peak touched in early January.
Mizuho strategists previously expected U.S. stocks could fall 10 percent to 15 percent in the second quarter. They noted that the S&P 500 could fall another 12 percent as the 'tightening panic' gains momentum.
In the view of many, the Fed's hawkish outlook will bring misery to interest-rate-sensitive investment styles. Peter Chatwell, head of cross-asset strategy at Mizuho, said.
"We see stocks facing relatively stubborn downward pressure unless the Fed and global central banks act far less hawkishly. We think that's exactly the kind of market stress scenario that's happening right now.
Chatwell predicts that the S&P 500 could fall as low as 3,800 in the first half of this year, about 12 percent below current levels. The Nasdaq 100 could fall about 15 percent, bottoming out near 12,000.
For now, the deceleration in economic growth overlaid with tighter monetary policy justifies the pessimism. The deterioration in the broader environment is already starting to show up in quarterly results.
Goldman Sachs strategists said in a report Monday that following an unprecedented earnings streak, earnings estimates for S&P 500 constituents so far for the coming months are "disappointing," and the information provided by executives on earnings calls is "worrisome.
The "bubble stems from the overvaluation of the stock market," Mike Wilson, a longtime bearish Morgan Stanley strategist, said Monday.
Given that concerns about the Fed's tightening stance are leading the S&P 500 into retracement territory, Bank of America strategists said technical resistance levels point to greater risk for the index.
Technical strategist Stephen Suttmeier said the S&P 500 remained below its previous support range of 4495-4546, which has now become resistance and will continue to make technicals "challenging," indicating "further increased risk. Investor bearish sentiment is on the rise and individual investors have not been this skeptical since July 2020; according to the AAII Bearish Sentiment Indicator, individual investors are at their most bearish level since September 2020.
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2022.01.25 05:19 imawcezanne Chloë Grace Moretz – Famous Actress

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2022.01.25 05:19 Ambitious_Land_1372 Golden Ocean Monument, Built in Hardcore Survival (100%legit), You can DM me if you wanna see more, New to reddit so Don't know how it properly works.

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2022.01.25 05:19 Toilet-Coffee caught in 4k bro? 🤨

caught in 4k bro? 🤨
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2022.01.25 05:19 DARKMHR21 After paying all the monthly cost of the house, do I pay tax on the remaining profit share from the rent?

Do I have to pay tax for my cashflow?
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2022.01.25 05:19 Ezekrah Questions about Tess

I’m at chapter 140 of the novel, where we find out Lord Indrath warned Arthur he should close his heart to Tess. This is either a warning that something bad is going to or is likely to happen to Tess, which to be honest would kill this series for me as one of the most interesting developments for me has been the cute but stumbling and awkward romance between her and Arthur. I did unwittingly come across some spoilers a while back that made me aware of the fact that Elijah is Nico, or Nico is inhabiting his body or whatever, and some things hinting that this girl that I only know of as the girl that showed up in Grey and Nicos orphanage, Cecilia may end up taking over Tess’ body. While giving me as few spoilers outside of these details as possible, I’d appreciate if someone could confirm or deny if something serious happens to Tess such as her being killed etc. (Note: I would consider someone taking over Tess’ body as being included in this category unless it’s somehow reversible, even if this new person is interested in ArthuGrey romantically, as for me, that person wouldn’t be Tess even if they did have her body. Some middle ground where Tess is taken over but retains her emotions and memories or something along those lines would irritate me, but I might still be willing to continue the series.) I’m going to stop reading for now pending the answer I receive, thanks!
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2022.01.25 05:19 TheBanananaa Where is it

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2022.01.25 05:19 ChickenBasher88 Duke's New pajamas

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2022.01.25 05:19 richusx Xenon failing to ignite. Bad ballast or bulb itself?

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2022.01.25 05:19 TheGrimAires What is This

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2022.01.25 05:19 Jacky18k Can I anyone tell me if our ledger hardware wallet is in on MetaMask even if we don’t plug the USB on our laptop or pc ? Really want to know if our ledger 1 MetaMask only is available if we need to plug the USb cord of the hardware wallet onto on pc or computer ?

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2022.01.25 05:19 JakeyNoLs Complicated situation with girl at work

Should I tell this girl how I feel, I've always believed that it is weak to confess your love for a girl, but I can't help but have this girl on my mind 24/7, I've tried stopping my mind from doing this but I can't and its driving me nuts. The tricky part is that we work together and she gives me all these cues such as squeezing my arm after heavy lifting, nudging me when she speaks, grabbing my hand when she wants me to follow. Let me continue however, she is currently living with her ex-boyfriend some days of the week due to a lease she signed when they were together, she says they are completely finished and has complained about this guy on multiple occasions making it clear she wants me to know they are over. But, I wasn't born yesterday, she still is spending all that time with him and who knows how her feelings may change. It ends in Feb and I knew I wanted to be with this girl since I first talked to her, should I wait till the lease is up or just go for it and accept I will probably get cheated on or fucked around.
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2022.01.25 05:19 Raygo_SB Welcome to Stardust Road. We are a friendly, laidback community, with a friendly general chat to meet new people, and much more. We host regular events and have sections to chat about various topics such as gaming, anime, and art. We hope you come to join us.

Welcome to Stardust Road. We are a friendly, laidback community, with a friendly general chat to meet new people, and much more. We host regular events and have sections to chat about various topics such as gaming, anime, and art. We hope you come to join us. submitted by Raygo_SB to findaserver [link] [comments]

2022.01.25 05:19 Mystiti How can I destroy a Kinematic2D body when it enters an Area?

I'm working on a SHMUP style game. I'm using a Kinematic2D body as the Bullet and an Area2D area as an enemy. Suggestions on deleting the body when it enters the enemy's area?
If you have a better idea than what I'm thinking of, please do tell. I'm not sure if the way I'm going about this is even the best way.
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2022.01.25 05:19 svanapps THE CRYPTOVERSE-Teenage bitcoin throws an interest rate tantrum

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2022.01.25 05:19 MKirex I'll realistify your reddit avatar for 10$ ^_^ "for hire"

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2022.01.25 05:19 NoobplaBuilder Mechanical Clear Sazabi

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2022.01.25 05:19 TheWooperKing Twitch prime rewards not showing after days

So I am new to pubg and I installed and logged into the game through steam. After I tried it out I realised there was a twitch prime reward for the game this month. I made a krafton account to link to twitch and redeemed the twitch prime rewards. I then linked my krafton account to steam. I haven’t got the reward for a couple days now did I miss something?
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2022.01.25 05:19 NotBailey12 I used a filter on George and look at the results

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2022.01.25 05:19 VirtualBeats How To Mix Vocals With Stock Plugins (Fl Studio Tutorial)

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2022.01.25 05:19 Jtclone Cramming three years of Fortnite into three minutes isn’t easy

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2022.01.25 05:19 Snowvix1 I think my friend is a predator....

Hello! This is my first post and I'm using a throwaway to make this, but I really needed some guidance and closure.
I have a best friend who's 17 and he apparently is fwbs with a 14-year-old girl, where they constantly send explicit messages and pics. I trust my friend and really believe he's a good guy since he's been there for me a lot, but when I found out he is having this relationship, it really makes me feel disgusting to interact with him. He told me the age difference is not much, and I'm being delusional and a prude for being weirded out, but I still think he is grooming the girl since they met a few weeks ago and are already in a fwb relationship. I don't know how to confront him about this and feel super conflicted and scared too. I just want some insight on how I can handle this.
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2022.01.25 05:19 pentagonal12345 Broc Lee is Back!

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