Top oil exporter Saudi Arabia targets net zero emissions by 2060

2021.10.23 08:11 swingadmin Top oil exporter Saudi Arabia targets net zero emissions by 2060

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2021.10.23 08:11 HereLiesD0bby Alternative careers for teachers

Disclaimer right off the bat, I’m not the teacher in this question, my wife is but she doesn’t have reddit so I’m reaching out for advice.
Are there any teachers or ex teachers out there who have any suggestions for alternative careers for primary school teachers?
My wife is in her 7th year of teaching in the UK having taught at both state and private schools and she just wants out. She’s fed up with the workload, the parent politics, the planning, marking and admin that keeps her working every evening and through holidays. As a husband I hate seeing her go through the emotional trauma of giving everything she has to this job and for the kids, only for her school, the parents and the system just to treat her like shit.
She’s been trying to work out what to do next but we’re both coming up short of ideas of what she could do without halving her salary.
She’s UK based, 30 years old, in 7th year of teaching having taught years 1, 2 and 3 across state and private schools, with a Psycology degree, PGCE and completed her SENCO course this past year passing with distinction, now operating as school SENCO as well as class teacher.
Have any teachers/ex teachers out there seen/made a transition to an alternative career and have any suggestions?
Any advice very much appreciated!
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2021.10.23 08:11 aqnayab123 Easiest Tech Jobs To Get Into The IT Field

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2021.10.23 08:11 HaleyReinhart Scottish Cup 2nd round weekend. Anyone heading to a game?

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2021.10.23 08:11 maddogkaz I noticed something about the scene when it starts to rain.

When the rain starts falling and everyone comes back to life I noticed that when the Titans start to walk around looking at everything only Rachel is helping anyone.
I had to re-watch to make sure, everyone else just ignores the people while Rachel is actively helping them. Conner even walks right past a woman on the floor and Rachel then goes to help her up.
I guess I just found it funny that with the group there only Rachel is doing anything to help. It certainly doesn't help the Titans team image with Gotham.
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2021.10.23 08:11 alfaazerooh My Favourite Bichon Frise Dog Breed

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2021.10.23 08:11 LouderLouder Tencent announces Season 2 of “Sing Shine” starring Wu Yuheng, Yu Gengyin, Han Peiquan, Chang Huasen, and Hu Yetao.

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2021.10.23 08:11 rich4a1 Sue Foley Pinky's Blues

Sue Foley Pinky's Blues
Making a Scene Presents a review from Jim Hynes on the new release from Sue Foley "Pinkys Blues"
Canadian-born and longtime Austin TX resident Sue Foley is back with Pinky’s Blues, the follow-up to her acclaimed 2018 The Ice Queen. The title references her signature pink paisley Fender telecaster, “Pinky.” Foley is at the peak of her still growing career as she won “Best Traditional Female (Koko Taylor Award) at the 2020 Blues Music Awards, was nominated for a Juno Award, and took home the Maple Blues Award for “Best Guitar Player.” So, as adored as she remains in her native country, Foley has not only adopted well to the Austin blues scene but has become increasingly adept at the Texas blues sound spearheaded by Jimmie Vaughan , Angela Strehli, and others.
Making A Scene is the #1 Resource for the Indie Artists and the Fans that Love them
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2021.10.23 08:11 Brenttouza What bluetooth transmitter is the best?

Hi all, I want to know what the best (bang for the buck) bluetooth transmitter is. I generally can't bear oveon ear headphones, so I generally use earbuds. I have a set of airpods but they dont seem to work natively on the series x. So now I'm looking for a working/compatible BT transmitter. Any of you guys that are using one? Which one seems to work for you?
Bonus points if it's also compatible with PS5. Thanks all.
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2021.10.23 08:11 anarcho-balkan From a friend's server

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2021.10.23 08:11 MasterDutch98 Made this with an artist friends doesn't follow all the wiki rules but wanted an opinion on the CV for first job search

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2021.10.23 08:11 RangoTheMerc For me, this was still the most impactful line.

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2021.10.23 08:11 No_Strategy_5565 A long struggle; I'm tired of it.

I've been addicted to porn since I was really young and now that I'm in my twenties I'm masturbating to things that make me physically cringe when I'm not masturbating. I've had streaks before, but I can never seem to keep them. I'm really sick of the man I've become. I'm hoping typing all of this out will help motivate me to kick this thing for good. All I want to be is a normal, happy man. I know it's achievable, I just don't know why I can't achieve it.
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2021.10.23 08:11 Murali_Krishna_R Attribute error

I saw this pygame tutorial on yt in Im getting an Attribute error when i press my left key , what can i do
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2021.10.23 08:11 Ickasaurus716 maybe a stupid question

im pretty new, started playing late into update 4. im on Steam, am I going to need to switch to experimental mode for update 5? i've never switched, ive just been playing the regular? version
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2021.10.23 08:11 Amyy17 My mother always forced me to talk with my grandfather. I don't want to do it anymore

A little bit of context. My mother is quite abusive but she loves me and therefore mine is a quite difficult situation. She always forced me to talk with my grandfather, a man that psychologically/verbally and physically abused her when she was a kid. They didn't talk for years then they returned close and at the moment we're all waiting for him to die to leave us his money. I know it sounds very bad but if you knew him, you would be like this too. He was never a grandfather to me or my sisters, he always came home for our birthdays and for Christmas and gave us money then we never saw him again for all the rest of the year. Lately my grandfather returned abusing my mother and this obviously hurt all of my family. My sisters and I don't want to have nothing to do with him, but our mother right a moment ago "asked" us to go and talk with him a little, for her. She says it's absurd that she even has to ask us to do it. That we should do it for her, not for him. This is extremely unfair and cruel. My grandfather always made "jokes" about my appearance and did remarks about the size of my boobs since I was a kid, when I even didn't know why boobs should be sexualises in any way. He's a piece of shit and I don't want to talk to him, nor see him if it's possible. I know that my mother will argue with me and will be very hurt if I don't tho. What should I do? I know I should listen to what my body and my mind say, but at the same time maybe I should simply resist a little bit more, till he will be dead, so that it's sure that he will not exclude us from his testament. What do you think? I don't know if I have the courage to refuse and argue with my mum. Later we'll have to go all together to a restaurant and I fear that all my family will hate me (def my mom will be angry, will probably refuse to come) because I ruined the mood. Sorry for my poor English, I hope the situation is clear enough. I need help to decide
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2021.10.23 08:11 jamesalan1985 FNF Vs Horror Mickey Mouse Mod Online

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2021.10.23 08:11 SoggyConclusion4674 Novak Djokovic refuses to reveal vaccine status, says :"It is a private matter and according to our[Serbia's] law whoever asks you, you can in some way charge him for asking's an inappropriate inquiry."

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2021.10.23 08:11 estockeeoh Max Scherzer won't start for Dodgers in NLCS Game 6, ESPN reports

"Max Scherzer won't start for Dodgers in NLCS Game 6, ESPN reports - ABC7 Los Angeles"
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2021.10.23 08:11 DaddyDragonGaming Battlefield Beats | 31 Kills 0 Deaths in the Staghound | Battlefield V Gameplay to Drum & Bass

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2021.10.23 08:11 cyka_dropthat FREE Sad Guitar Sample - RED
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2021.10.23 08:11 No-Association-6787 Local card delivery service

Does anyone know if there are any local delivery services where you can send a personalized birthday card?
I am not in Thailand currently and would like to send a card to someone there, as I have occasionally had issues with sending cards internationally, thanks.
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2021.10.23 08:11 Brick_Beast Recently finished H2SA and this feels accurate

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2021.10.23 08:11 ZSPM_764 Here's My first Video of My New series A Peaceful Place

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