Toxic fam/relatives

2021.10.23 08:27 TopUnderstanding5382 Toxic fam/relatives

Nakakasama lang ng loob kasi nagsabi ako sa parents ko na mag oovernight sa bahay ng bf ko, pumayag naman sila at hinayaan ako. So i thought everything is okay tapos in my back ang dami pala nilang sinasabi about sakin sa mga relatives ko. Tapos everytime na may fam gathering ako yung topic. Parang wala na akong personal life. Ngayon lang ako nag jowa after mag graduate tapos feeling nila mag aasawa na ako. Pati paghahanap ko ng work pinapakialaman. Nakakasakal. Akala ko pag graduate ko malaya na ako. Di pa pala :((
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2021.10.23 08:27 pragmojo Is Alec Baldwin guilty of manslaughter under the law?

So when a horrible accident like this happens, who will be held criminally responsible? I understood that killing someone, even by accident, counts as manslaughter and is a crime you can go to prison for. Does that apply here? It doesn't really seem right if it is, I'm just trying to understand how this works.
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2021.10.23 08:27 littlebooboo00 Jack fan of sound money ?

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2021.10.23 08:27 aaa27070 [Round 102491] Who's the manager? What year?

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2021.10.23 08:27 bojidar_ivanov Which one do you choose?

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2021.10.23 08:27 Remarkable-Glass-932 nerd

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2021.10.23 08:27 VCRdrift Comedy: what a bounce back to the 4029 line, almost..

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2021.10.23 08:27 SHEIKIAM New Remix Out!

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2021.10.23 08:27 N_Lotus Hashire sori yo~

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2021.10.23 08:27 _hal9000 Regeringen vil undtage selvstændige for regler om øremærket barsel til far

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2021.10.23 08:27 happy_Bunny1 Looking for cold build that freeze/explode monsters

Hi playing after long time
Looking for cold based looking for build that freeze or explode monsters.
Very appreciate any cold build that is cause less strain to hands/fingers (less clicking).
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2021.10.23 08:27 SuperNerd15 Our little baby passed yesterday

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2021.10.23 08:27 koppa_feel Math meme #1 to combat the recent physics memes

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2021.10.23 08:27 AcanthocephalaTiny51 Question about glue removal

What do I need to have to remove glue, for example - I removed the spoiler and the glue stayed on. Not really familiar with the terminology of the things I need. Thanks in advance.
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2021.10.23 08:27 jthomp000 It’s not much, but I’ll take it!

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2021.10.23 08:27 NoGoodForYou99 抗议者问哈里斯为什么不跟中国合作共建一带一路,被带走

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2021.10.23 08:27 RosauraCulpepper Crypto Community Says "Bitrise Is The Next Safemoon!", 2000+ New Holders Joining Every Day!

The crypto community is saying Bitrise is "the next Safemoon." But why? Well, in the three months of its launch, Bitrise has been recording bullish growth, just like we saw with Safemoon. The demand for the $BRISE token has been growing at an exponential rate, with over 2000+ holders joining every day. At the time of writing, the marketcap had hit over $38 from $2m and over $800k worth of BNB rewards paid to token holders. This exponential growth is because of the uniqueness with which Bitrise is packaged, making the token superior. Unlike the competing tokens such as Shiba Inu, Metahero, Evergrow, Binamon, and Doge coin, Bitrise is giving investors better incentives with its innovative DeFi tokenomics. Bitrise is offering very attractive rewards and one of the best reward mechanisms so far. In every transaction, a 12% fee is charged, where 4% is distributed to all token holders in the form of BNB. The rewards are automatically sent into investors' wallets every 60 minutes. Therefore, token holders do not lodge claims for rewards to be paid like most DeFi tokens. They make a stress-free passive income. Though most DeFi platforms are implementing a Buyback mechanism, Bitrise is doing it better. Every 5% of the transaction fee (12%) is spent on Buyback. The fee is collected and stored in the Buyback contract, which automatically buys tokens from the liquidity pool. Note that Bitrise is the first cryptocurrency ever to include automatic Buyback with the real use case of payment systems. The aim is to ensure transparency in reducing tokens in circulation for a steady rise in BRISE token value. Apart from the innovative DeFi tokenomics, Bitrise is offering more products that are increasing its utility. All these products, though some not yet released, are the reason why everyone is rushing to buy $BRISE before the liquidity pool dries. BitRise dApp Wallet is one of the products increasing the Bitrise token value. The dApp wallet provides a simple, quick, safe means of cryptocurrency usage with zero risk. It offers zero fees for all P2P payments and lending transactions in local currency and has an impressive throughput. The wallet will also enable global payments, with the team collaborating with larger partners in the financial sector to make this a reality. The BitRise dApp Wallet will also offer multi-blockchain support, will be easy to use, and highly secured and anonymous. The team has already released both Beta 1 and Beta 2 versions of BitRise dApp Wallet for iOS and Android mobile devices. Bitrise Exchange is another product that's increasing token demand. The team is in the process of developing the exchange, which will be a centralized platform. It will charge lower transaction fees and offer a high transaction speed. The cryptocurrency exchange is also going to support both spot trading at a lower cost. It will be designed with 2FA/SMS security, giving one of the most secure verification systems, among many other exciting features. According to the roadmap, the team plans to release the exchange in the second last phase. Did you know that Bitrise is offering free audit services to projects? Well, Bitrise Audit is a product designed to provide free audits to blockchains and smart contract projects. It has been a game-changer in popularizing the token. As people come for free audit services, the visibility and demand for the token have been going up. Bitrise Audit was released in late August, and many developers are already using it. It is also important to mention that the Bitrise team does not have shadowy figures running it. All professionals, including finance, software, marketing experts, and the team of developers, are known and have a reputation for previous successful projects. So, transparency is 100%. These are some of the reasons crypto experts are convinced that Bitrise is the next "Safemoon." It is just three months into the market. We expect the bullish growth to continue now that the wallet's Beta 2 version is out and the staking program is coming soon. For crypto investors, Bitrise is definitely a highly potent project to invest in. Buy BRISE tokens today and start making passive income from rewards
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2021.10.23 08:27 greendynamite96 [FOR HIRE] Stylised Illustrations-Starts at $20- More info in comments [Artist]

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2021.10.23 08:27 Initial_Honey_8865 🐶ShibaEcchi stealth launch! 🐶 🚀 | 5% AutoLiqudity | 5%Redistributed into holders! 500$ marketcap hidden gem! 🐶

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I was here for the fair launch and know for a fact this one isn't a rug, the devs have been clear about releasing . I really think this project has a solid foundation and with the hype I've seen around similar things can 100x easy.
Next 10x? 100x 1000x? 📈
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2021.10.23 08:27 victorianchan d99 Hunting Events

"For when the party is living off the land and sends someone out--I imagine most would just be flavor, but nice to have for the players, few would be serious enough to count as authentic "encounters" and a handful would be plot hooks."
1 The most common reasons for humans to hunt are to harvest useful animal products (meat, fuhide, bone/tusks, horn/antler, etc),
2 for recreation/taxidermy (see trophy hunting),
3 to remove predators dangerous to humans or domestic animals (e.g. wolf hunting),
4 to eliminate pests and nuisance animals that damage crops/livestock/poultry or spread diseases (see varminting), for trade/tourism (see safari),
5 or for ecological conservation against overpopulation and invasive species
6 Baiting is the use of decoys, lures, scent, or food.
7 Battue involves scaring animals (by beating sticks) into a killing zone or ambush.
8 Beagling is the use of beagles in hunting rabbits, and sometimes in hunting foxes.
9 Beating uses human beaters to flush out game from an area or drive it into position.
10 Stand hunting or blind hunting is waiting for animals from a concealed or elevated position, for example from tree stands, hunting blinds or other types of shooting stands.
11 Calling is the use of animal noises to attract or drive animals.
12 Camouflage is the use of visual or odour concealment to blend with the environment.
13 Dogs may be used to course or to help flush, herd, drive, track, point at, pursue, or retrieve prey.
14 Driving is the herding of animals in a particular direction, usually toward another hunter in the group.
15 Flushing is the practice of scaring animals from concealed areas.
16 Ghillie suit is a type of gear a person can wear to blend with environment.[81]
17 Glassing is the use of optics, such as binoculars, to locate animals more easily.
18 Glue is an indiscriminate passive form to kill birds.
19 Clairvoyant hunting is a method of hunting over the Aether using crystal balls and remotely controlled guns.
20 Netting involves using nets, including active netting with the use of cannon nets and rocket nets.
21 Persistence hunting is the use of running and tracking to pursue the prey to exhaustion.
22 Posting is done by sitting or standing in a particular place with the intentions of intercepting your game of choice along their travel corridor.
23 Scouting for game is typically done prior to a hunt and will ensure the desired species are in a chosen area. Looking for animal sign such as tracks, scat, etc.... and utilizing "trail cameras" are commonly used tactics while scouting.
24 Shooting is the use of a ranged weapon such as a gun, bow, crossbow, or slingshot.
25 Solunar theory says that animals move according to the location of the moon in comparison to their bodies and is said to have been used long before this by hunters to know the best times to hunt their desired game.
26 Spotlighting or shining is the use of artificial light (notably level 1 Illusionist or Cleric of Law spells, though some cantrips from EG Gygax's Unearthed Arcana 1985 may be used) to find or blind animals before killing.
27 Stalking or still hunting is the practice of walking quietly in search of animals or in pursuit of an individual animal.
28 Tracking is the practice of reading physical evidence in pursuing animals.
29 Trapping is the use of devices such as snares, pits, and deadfalls to capture or kill an animal.
30 Recreational hunting, also known as trophy hunting, sport hunting or sporting, Big game hunting, the Big Five game are (lion, elephant, buffalo/bison, African leopard, rhinoceros)
31 Bear hunting, using honey or picnic hampers
32 Tiger hunting
33 Caribou hunting
34 Medium/small game hunting
35 Fox hunting
36 Deer hunting/stalking, hats ate not optional, we are faux medieval england after all
37 Boar hunting
38 Mink hunting
39 Coon hunting
40 Fowling
41 Waterfowl hunting
42 Shorebird hunting (snipe, woodcock, curlew, sandpiper, plover)
43 Upland hunting (quail, pheasant, grouse, turkey)
44 Pest control/nuisance management
45 Predator culling
46 Wolf hunting
47 Jackal coursing
48 Coyote hunting
49 Bobcat hunting
50 Varmint hunting
51 Rabbiting / Duck / Elmer Fudd Hunting
52 Squirrel hunting
53 Rook shooting
54 Commercial hunting
55 Seal hunting
56 Whaling, dolphin drive, dugong hunting
57 Alligator hunting
58 Kangaroo hunting
59 (Random Encounter) hunting, or "Xp farming"
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2021.10.23 08:27 SunShineKid93 Mono Black hand hate with Peer into the Abyss + Underworld Dreams as win Con?

Hi all. So I built a standard legal deck which had the two cards mentioned above as the win Con, however Covid struck.
I’m now thinking of fine tuning the deck (if I can) for Pioneer.
I’d like it to be full of hand hate, removal and just annoyances until I can pull off the Peer into the Abyss, make them draw the cards and lose the life.
Advice for what cards would work here would be greatly appreciated.
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2021.10.23 08:27 Bedroomplay17 Help! Can’t open supply valve all the way. If I do water hammers and then stops flowing all together. How do I fix this?

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2021.10.23 08:27 poopoohurts Who here likes to do survival with the following options

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2021.10.23 08:27 BrahmeshMotwani 10 stars in different gamemodes

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2021.10.23 08:27 Tabletop_Devils A blast from the past... unlike other older battle reports, this one is still up to date with 9th edition rules lol. Lucky Eldar and Guard. 😈👍

A blast from the past... unlike other older battle reports, this one is still up to date with 9th edition rules lol. Lucky Eldar and Guard. 😈👍 submitted by Tabletop_Devils to Eldar [link] [comments]