2021.10.23 07:47 sv5slimshady "AT THAT SPEED, IT'S SO DANGEROUS MAN"

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2021.10.23 07:47 Ekcz Does this justify Boost Kit pricing?

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2021.10.23 07:47 Round_Objective_7998 andrew garfield as Scarlet spider

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2021.10.23 07:47 frctx Girlfriend gave me a lil drain baby rug for bday ✨

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2021.10.23 07:47 reddit_feed_bot AnnCoulter: Have you ever been to Fairfield County, @nytimes? This is like saying Yonkers has Red Sox fans. "In Stamford, the second-largest city in Connecticut, a province of mixed baseball loyalties lying between New York and Boston ..." https://t.co/Du6Ba8wfD7

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2021.10.23 07:47 LittleD_0817 RK68 or Tecware B68? Keyboard

Looking for budget mechs and I have 2 on the line, been looking forward to the B68 actually but found the RK so now I can't decide
PS: I prefer linear switches
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2021.10.23 07:47 redd12345678 [cosmetic] Windows controls background colour issue

Small issue with the weird outline/background of the windows controls...
in this image I have purposefully darkened the normal background colour of the bars to dark grey to highlight the problem a little better:
Is there a way to make that lighter 'halo' around the windows controls to match the colour of the bars that I choose ?
Thanks if anyone can help.
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2021.10.23 07:47 homosapien_number_3 Got bored send help please

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2021.10.23 07:47 giringovitch H: AA/25ffr/15fr Pepper Shaker W: AA/B commando offers

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2021.10.23 07:47 Relaxharmonymusic Milk Cake Turkish Style!!

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2021.10.23 07:47 ff29180d « Islamo-gauchisme » : renoncer au terme pour mieux soulever certaines interrogations

« Islamo-gauchisme » : renoncer au terme pour mieux soulever certaines interrogations submitted by ff29180d to france [link] [comments]

2021.10.23 07:47 OvertNow $800,000 paid to Garden Grove mistakenly arrested for DUI

A police intoxication expert concluded the woman was under the influence of drugs or alcohol while driving
Drunk Panda
A woman arrested by Garden Grove police for driving under the influence when she was actually having a stroke has received a total of $800,000 from the city and its private jailer to settle her wrongful arrest lawsuit.
The settlements end a 10-year legal battle over the arrest of Robin Winger, who was 43 years old when police picked her up on Oct. 31, 2011. The winger started speaking erratically while taking her 15-year-old daughter to Garden Grove High School. Her statements didn’t make sense, said her attorney, Jerry Steering.
Winger was unaware that the passenger side mirror of her Chevrolet truck had clipped the mirror of a parked city vehicle, catching the attention of a nearby police officer,
Accountability #California #DUI #FalseArrest #Lawsuit #Police
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2021.10.23 07:47 waRELU Best rent places

I will move to dublin next month and I want to ask if it would be best to rent in the center of Dublin with high amount of money or look for something little bit far but struggle with transportation
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2021.10.23 07:47 stomachreturn Himouto Umaru-chan masturbation – 2 part

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2021.10.23 07:47 godflashspeed12 Guy has been ghosting me, do I…

View Poll
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2021.10.23 07:47 True_Travel_3723 پند آموز😂📿__بزن اسلاید بعد🥂

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2021.10.23 07:47 holonito Akame matchup tier list

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2021.10.23 07:47 NotGwail10 how long does withdrawal symptoms last?

since I quit fapping I been through periods where life goes at its best shape and other periods where it's on its lowest
right now I lack energy and motivation, I got sadness, laziness... I also have porn flashbacks
I heard that it's called withdrawal symptoms so my question is when I will completely recover
day: 104
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2021.10.23 07:47 Nudeforjenni Not all Women just Discord girls

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2021.10.23 07:47 shuvasishphotography The Most Common Garage Door Springs Issues

The Most Common Garage Door Springs Issues Garage doors are ordinary gadgets that open and close on command and function silently behind the scenes. It's an easy way to get access to the residence. We need a safe place to park our cars. These doors, on the other hand, are subjected to a lot of wear and tear on a daily basis.
If you haven't included your garage doors in your usual home maintenance schedule, you may experience garage door spring difficulties or require garage door torsion spring repair at some point.
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2021.10.23 07:47 CaramelMonkey16 This is a line kirei said to shirou in HF when he was enquiring about Kiritsugu but I didn't understand what it means.

This is a line kirei said to shirou in HF when he was enquiring about Kiritsugu but I didn't understand what it means. submitted by CaramelMonkey16 to fatestaynight [link] [comments]

2021.10.23 07:47 CanadianMaps Alternatives for Paint.net?

I know it´s often talked about, but I wanna try to see what is the best paint.net alternatives. I mean in terms of UI and features, not just in terms of drawing (therefore drawing app and gimp don´t really apply). I have seen some suggesting Pinta, but personally I have had a bad experience with it´s constant crashing. Any other ideas welcome.
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2021.10.23 07:47 Dopehope25 What’s gaming like with the M1?

Hey all, I’m waiting on my M1 desktop (base model) and I live gaming, how’s the M1 handle games? How’s the graphics? I’m so excited, any feedback would be appreciated
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2021.10.23 07:47 SeaKing2001 Whats one piece of advice you wished you were told sooner when in your career?

Good evening, was always hoping to join the military out of school but was unsuccessful due to medical problems. Ended up applying for West Midlands Police.
A year later and I have start date. I always knew a lot about what I wanted to do and reach within the military but I know near to nothing about the aims and goals I should set myself within the police.
My question I have for you is, what is that 1 piece of information or advice you really wish you were told earlier on in your career?
All I know so far is get good at making tea and get even better at making cakes.
Cheers for any input.
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2021.10.23 07:47 asxtrella I recently just got a shark and 2 ride potions for my 2020hal stroller WFL

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